Monday, November 28, 2011

I have you now!

Sith Inquisitor class
I have spent two glorious days this past weekend playing the SWTOR beta. The game appears fully baked, combat systems are working, graphics seem to be in place, and the companion system is up and running.

Playing an MMO with fully voiced quests definitely helps engage the player. The quests themselves have been very interesting to say the least. Bioware has spent time finely crafting storylines and if I had more time I would have created one of every class to experience the class quests.

The UI needs some work. It desperately needs more customizable options to allow resizing of windows and text sizes and also window placement. Even so apart from this minor annoyance I can not wait for full release!

Saturday, October 08, 2011

Adult RPG's

Yet another infrequent update to my blog. I have just completed a marathon session of The Witcher 2. This is a deep adults-only CRPG with superb production values and a cracking storyline. It merits a second playthrough as the storyline can completely change depending on the path you take within the game.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

It's not a crime to cancel WoW

There has been a lot of press recently in the blogosphere about people being unhappy with WoW and the latest Cataclysm expansion. Blogs are filled with thousand word rants by players who are unhappy with raids, grouping, archaeology, reputation, iLevel gear requirements, other WoW players, and the WoW developers.

Did it ever occur to these people they may simply be burned out on the game? Quite a few of these unhappy players have been playing since WoW was launched. That's Nov 2004. A long period to be playing the same computer game now heading into it's seventh year of operations.

Cancel the game and try something different. There are other great MMO's out there with excellent communities and great gameplay. Take your WoW blinkers off and move on to something else!