Friday, November 19, 2010

You use a PS3 for what?!

A friend of mine recently gave me two PS3 games as a gift for my birthday as they knew I owned a PS3. Yesterday they asked how I was enjoying the games. I sheepishly admitted I still had not unwrapped the packaging.

I explained to them I mainly used the PS3 as a media center and rarely used it for playing console games. In fact I have only purchased one PS3 game this year - Red Dead Redemption - simply because it is not available for the PC and I really wanted to play this game.

It's more than that though. I simply hate the awful controllers required to play games on consoles. I've always been a WASD-mouselook guy and that won't change anytime soon. Even a relatively forgiving game like RDR is a pain for me to control.

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